Kate and Patricia Swap Cum

September 3rd, 2008

I’m sure most of you are probably familiar with sperm swapping but if not your going to learn something new today. Sperm Swapping is exactly like it sounds… Find two hot chicks, then get one or more dudes to shoot their cum in one of the sluts mouth. Once her mouth is filled with cum she has to slowly spit it into the other sluts open mouth without wasting any… Once all the cum is “swapped” the second chick has to guzzle the cum right down her throat.

Sperm Swap is a site dedicated to the hottest sluts, swapping loads of cum and then swallowing every drop! Right now they feature an unbelievable 300 different hot models and 189 30 minute or longer scenes!! Their videos are also available in 1080p and all their videos are downloadable! They also have a super fast download speed here’s what they have to say “The HD movies in the Members’ Area are on our high speed download network. This means the movies will be downloading so fast, the download should fully max out your connection speed. We have members from Moscow getting 750KB/s and members from New York with 1.2MB/s! A 5Mbps cable/DSL can download one HD movie in about 1h30min.”

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Kate and Patricia got me so hard while jerking off to their full length video. If you can’t watch the short sample above, here’s a little recap: They start by making out, kissing with tongue, suck each others nipples, squeeze each others tits etc.. Then move to whipping out and sucking two dicks, pussy fucking, deep anal pounding, and even some hard double penetration! Then watch how much cum comes from two dicks?!! All straight in Kate’s mouth which quickly gets shared with Patricia. I got to try this in real life!

Sluts Eyes glued shut from cum!

August 25th, 2008

cum guzzling alektra

It takes a true whore to allow 13 strangers to blast a load of cum all over her face, and in her eyes and mouth! Alektra Blue is just the slut we are talking about! Here she is in photos taken from Cover My Face and what a cum guzzling gutter slut she is! You seriously have to check her out, there. Not only does she cum guzzle in this video but she engages in some hardcore fucking also. How hardcore you ask? Well check out these sample pictures:

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Yup Alektra Blue can ride on top of the largest cocks around… Did someone say balls deep anal?? Where the guys balls slap on her pussy lips… Yup she can handle that also.

Born in 1983 Alektra Blue started in the porn industry in 2005.

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Jasmine sure loves her cum

August 5th, 2008

cum covered jasmine

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What a fucking cum slut! Jasmine is one of the many super hot sluts that can be found at cum for cover, one of my favorite places to go for cum guzzling gutter sluts to post of this site. Click on the video below and you’ll get to see Jasmine in all her glory! From the super sexy pink skirt and outfit to her blonde hair and sexy eyes to her huge cum guzzling facial!! Just imagine four dudes she never even met all lined up to take there stab at her. Fuck fuck fuck…. I wish I had a big dick so I could be a porn star!

Jasmine really knows how to suck a big cock… Yeah I know everyone always says that but you’ll see from this video that this cum slut knows not only how to suck but also how to jerk… and jerk fast! She also knows how and when to smack a mean dick.

Just look how long those sexy skinny legs of hers are… especially in those high heel boots. What about those perfect natural boobs? AMAZING! Her hot wet pussy? WOW! And did I already mention those eyes? They are just begging for you load of cum for her to guzzle! Man I’d give my left nut to lick her from head to toe.

Cum for Cover has to have the best tour in the cum guzzling related niche. Tons of super high quality pics of their sluts for you to preview, free movies with each one, HD movies for all their members with no download limits… Not to mention you get full access to all of their other top notch sites.

Missy Monroe is a cum guzzling slut!

July 5th, 2008

Cum guzzling missy

Here’s a picture of Missy Monroe after she got done guzzling a few loads of cum then taking a few loads to the face. The actual video these stills are taken from can be viewed at Sperm Glazed. A sweet site if your into sluts that love cum guzzling!

Let me tell you a little about Missy Monroe, she was raised in Las Vegas, her parents split up at age 12 which caused her to start engaging in sexual activites. By high school and age 17 she claims she had already slept with over 150 dudes!!!! After working at Domino’s pizza she started stipping at Cheetahs in Las Vegas and started her porn career shortly after. Missy was born in 1984, measures 34DD-27-37 and stands 5′5″. She’s also done over 300 films! But I think the best one would have to be the video below, where she can be found cum guzzling a bunch of strangers!

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Allie Foster added to the cum guzzling list

June 26th, 2008

Allie foster ready to swallow cum

Boy do I have an awesome cum guzzling site for you guys!! This is a picture of Allie Foster she’s number 392 at the site load my mouth. What that means is that they feature 392 girls swallowing and guzzling hot loads! That’s right all three hundred and ninety two scenes feature a cum guzzling finish! There’s a lot of sites out their that have feature facials with some swallowing but there aren’t many that are totally dedicated to only guzzling.

These pictures are the latest update from the site. They show their latest slut Allie Foster getting a thumb up her ass, some rough tit fucking, hard core blow job etc… all before giving her the big load in her mouth. Definitely take a few minutes and click over and check out this site, hopefully you have a fast connection because right on the main page they show pictures of all 392 girls getting ready for their cum guzzle!!! I can’t believe a pay site actually put that many pictures of girls all on the front page! But I’m not complaining :)

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Teen Cum Guzzler Ashylnn

June 1st, 2008

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For all you teen girl lovers, today I bring you Ashylnn found on this site. She just turned eighteen and didn’t waste a second getting into the porn business. For the last several years all she could think about was turning 18 and then being able to get paid for something she loves doing. Ashylnn is a cum nympho , she loves her orgasms and she also loves to guzzle a mans orgasm! The producer of the video these pictures are taken from said that he couldn’t believe how well she knew how to suck cock and also that her fucking was outstanding. He knew this chick has been fucking for quite a while… Even when it came time for the cum shot, Ashylnn eagerly jerked that cock so that she could guzzle his cum.

This scene might not be as extreme as my usual posts but Ashylnn is one hot teen that I’d make an exception for!

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Cum Guzzling Amber Roxx

May 24th, 2008

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Damn I love girls like Amber Roxx! She likes to be treated like a fuck toy… pull her hair, slam your dick down her throat, then shoot your big load of cum in her mouth and make her guzzle it down. If it wasn’t for the internet you probably wouldn’t believe a girl like this exists! But trust me they are out their and I’m going to bring them all here for you.

These pictures are from a video I downloaded from Sperm Cocktails, the site features nothing but girls guzzling multiple cum loads! If you haven’t already your definitely going to want to check it out. This video features Amber Roxx taken on 17 cocks and swallowing every load of cum! How can a girl stomach seventeen loads of cum? Some of them don’t and right after the scene is filmed, can be found puking up the semen from their stomachs. Their is one scene on sperm cocktails where a chick pukes up FIFTY FIVE loads right after cum guzzling it all!

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Amber Roxx was born in 1982 and is from the UK she goes by other alternate names, Allura Bond being the most popular.

Cum Guzzling Isabella Pacino

May 22nd, 2008

Isabella Pacino cum guzzling

What do you guys think about Isabella Pacino? This 24 year old Italian hottie started in the porn business in 2006 and has made over 35 videos since, but this one has got to be the hottest. Just look at that messy face! These guys gave her load after load to her cute face. It sure looks like a lot more then seven loads of cum doesn’t it? While there wasn’t actual cum guzzling in this video, the site where I got these pics from “Cover my face” has several girls who actually guzzle the cum right down the hatch. And what is cool about the site is they tell you from the start how many cum shots the girls take in the end. With many of the girls guzzling more than 20 loads of cum… So yeah if these pictures get you going for sure check out that site

And with that I’d like to thank all of you for checking out this site, you’ll soon see I’ll be posting at least a few times a week with only the best semen swallowing sluts that I can find. And don’t worry I have a lot of time on my hands so I’ll find them all :) Trust me your going to want to check back often.

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